MEGA65 Documentation

Last updated at Tue 24 May 2022 04:28:21 PM UTC

commit 24669f4861aa32029a4ece55b3ad7227e47b1d4b
Author: Mindrail (Paul) 
Date:   Wed May 25 01:44:21 2022 +0930

    Minor correction to GET# (typo?) (#456)
    * Megakey-4 is dark gray, not green.
    As per title.
    * Update appendix-basic65.tex
    I believe entry in GET# refers to command GET instead of itself GET#
    * Minor correction to GET# (typo?)
    (from mindrail, just needed to add a backslash on the #
    Co-authored-by: Gurce Isikyildiz 

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